Friday, 30 September 2011

A day like any other

Statement taken at the scene:

I opened the door again enough to get my coffee out, thinking how absent minded I was being today. Looked at it and realised I didn't fully remember which shop I bought it from. Never mind. Close the car door and go to work. The compound was large enough, but the walk from my car to the front door never before seemed so quick.

I'm not normally this cheery, I kept laughing to myself as everyone seemed to be a bit funny. Take the doorman, I normally ignore him, but today he waved at me and so I waved back, and then he fell over. Everyone had happy faces on and seemed to go out of their way to be nice to me.

I don't normally have the lift to myself, so that was nice, but definitely not enough to make me feel so good. It wasn't like no-one was waiting for the lift. They just didn't get on. The let me go first.

When I did arrive at my desk, I must have been in the zone or something because it only felt like moments before I had finished all my work. Normally it takes hours to get through all those requests, but today it felt like minutes. Once I was done, I decided to take in the air, so ventured up to the roof.

So, that's why I'm up here. I've finished my work and now I'm happy. The helicopter didn't bother me, the guy in the helicopter asked for a stick of gum, and I had one, which was unusual, so I gave it to him. He seemed happy, and then he flew away.

There are some new people at the office now, they say I've got to go to a party.

Report by field agent Collins:

He arrived in a car, with the rifle. A security guard asked him to lay down his weapon. In response, he shot the security guard. He commandeered the lift, went straight to the mainframe where he apparently downloaded the archives before heading to the roof. There was a helicopter pick-up of the memory stick used to store the archives. After this, it appears the agent was deactivated and became compliant to all requests. Deprogramming may take some time.