Friday, 19 March 2010

Sad face

The noise was what tipped the neighbours off. It wasn't like any crying they had heard before. Strangely repetitive. But that was what it was, a kind of low mewling, continuous, non-stop sobbing. They had noticed it the night before once they had settled down to go to sleep. In the morning, they woke to the same continual sound. It had given them strange dreams, and when they knocked on his door, there was no reply. No response, not even a change in the mournful wail.

Thinking there was nothing else to do, they called the police, who at first thought it was strange but not important. They came around in the afternoon and heard it for themselves. The sad weeping, the strangely repetitive emission that was both disturbing and inhuman. The police decided that as no response was forthcoming from inside, they would break and enter, suspecting some form of mental breakdown.

When the police entered, the first thing they noticed was that the sorrowful whimpering was coming from the TV. They found the kid sitting there eyes open but dead on the sofa. His game controller in his hands. The lad's console was on, crying to itself. Apparently the game had been programmed to start crying if you left it alone too long. The large screen TV stared straight at the dead boy, and all that was on screen was a sad face.