Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Big and Loud

The machines that came to earth had crushed flat a village in Kenya. The media were there first, videoing the event and recording all that happened. Only once we had deciphered their works could we understand what happened in the next few moments.

We never recovered any video tapes from the front line media, their charred ashes leaving no information other than evidence of the destructive force of their light beams. The camera-men further back dropped their in many cases, but two captured the rest of the event.

From one angle, the machines seemed to lurch forward, smashing the now torched humans with it's great fist. From the other camera-man we saw the light beam used on other nearby humans, illuminating them and incinerating them at the same time.

Then, all motion stopped for six seconds. Six very long seconds, followed by the two giant machines standing tall, rising up in height to tower over all the humans remaining. One of the remaining camera-men dropped his camera and ran at this point. We only have one video moment of what happened next.

The first machine swung at the second, felling it like a great tree, slow motion, collapse, death. The second just stood there, low light flickering from it's death beam at a patch of ground near the fallen robot. A long silent moment passed as it did this, then as swiftly as it had taken down it's mechanical ally, it suddenly jetted gas from many orifices. The release was swift and soon over, the slow fall of the robot was even slower than the first, probably because the robot was still in some control of it's descent.

As the last one fell, we still had no inkling as to their motivations. Many years passed before we found the way to decipher their works, their art and their texts of science. To discover their honour code and finally fathom their method of communication, their light-talk.

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