Saturday, 1 August 2009

Looking back

Now we have the report, we're not so sure we want to know. Now we've spent all the money to get the information, was it worth it?
Five years ago we started the biggest historic program known to mankind: we sent the largest telescope ever built, deep into space. 2400 light years away to be precise. Then, we turned the telescope on a small blue planet. Thing is, we wanted to just show the last of the faithful that it was all a great big superstition, that there was no jesus, no resurrection, no god. The worst possible result we could think of, he was there. Worse still, watching the resurrection. So, we sent the telescope back further, back out to a distance of 7000 light years. We got a nasty shock when we turned the telescope on earth this time. It was a barren rock, or at least that's what it looked like, but we found that one tiny corner of it was lush and green. Zooming in, we realized that it was eden, so we sent the probe back further, another hundred years, still just eden, then another hundred, still eden, in fact we kept going back for another 5000 years, and eden was still there, same earth, same sun, but only eden. It was then that it dawned on us, There was no mention of how long it took Adam to decide to fall to the temptation. So we now knew that we had a god. He was real, and he tempted the first man into eating of that tree by making the serpent and eve, and he waited for thousands of years until Adam finally fell to the temptation.
So, we told ourselves, do we tell the Christians that we have found proof of their god, but at the same time found proof that he's horrible and manipulative? or do we just fabricate a truth, one better for mankind?

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