Friday, 14 August 2009

Colder than Ice

Toby and I had gone around to Phil's to let him know that we were there for him. He didn't like us, or at least me,or my reputation. He called me a slut and a man eater, but Toby is different. He understands me. He's the one. I'd never cheat on him. I'd never leave him broken hearted. Phil had heard all about me from some of the friends of friends of people who were not right for me. I admit to playing the field, but I'm not out to destroy people.
Phil was insulting to me, abusive, so Toby called him on it and told him, him or me. Phil or me. That made me feel loved, protected.
But I don't want to get in Toby's way of his life, and even more I don't want to get in the way of his friends. Friends are important. So, I convinced him to try to make things up with Phil.

When we got there he wasn't answering the door. Toby used his key as Phil still hadn't taken it back, and we were expecting to have to wait for Phil to return. As soon as we were in, I screamed at the body. Phil's dead body. Toby pulled me close, his loving arms protecting me from the horror. After some time, I calmed down and Toby went over to Phil to see what had happened.

"He's taken some pills or something, there's no gun shot wound... yeah, here's the bottle. And a note."

I watched Toby pick up then read the note. A last note from a childhood friend. He smirked and laughed a low resigned laugh.

"Told you he was an arsehole. Didn't know he was gay though." said Toby, holding a note out for me to read.
It read: "I'm sorry Toby, you were all I had. I can't live without you."
"Pointless." I whimpered, as I realised that Toby was so terribly cold hearted. Homophobic too. Not the kind of man that I could spend the rest of my life with. At least I know I won't break his heart.

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