Thursday, 5 March 2009

My river

Thinking about it makes it worse. I should just enjoy the time I have. I like sitting on the riverbank too much, for too many years. This place has been a friend to me in times of worry and doubt. I've sat here and contemplated for hours, sun shining down through the trees onto me. It's a beautiful place. That's the problem though, I think about it not being here and I then can't think about anything other than the fact that it's never going to be as good and as easy as this. In this place I can look forward to things never being as nice. They plan to divert the river, to remove my safe place. The river will no longer flow along this bed and the bank will dry out. The river won't hold it's secrets anymore. How will this affect my life? Will I be able to find solace? Will I be able to find somewhere else to put the bodies? Will I be able to remember where I submerged them all?

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