Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Not the first

Turns out that we weren't the first to figure out evolution. We weren't even the first on this planet. The dinosaurs came back, they were a lot smaller than we have fossil records for, but after hearing all about how they dug up their own ancestors to prove evolution to their own faithful, we now see how we're not going to be leaving much for whatever comes next. A lot of people thought that the aliens were from outer space, couldn't blame them. How were we to know that they were earthlings coming back. Once we did get communication working, it got depressing. Our scientists had been searching for life for hundreds of years on different planets and solar systems. The report coming from our ancestor race was that we had no neighbours. They had been searching all through our galaxy for millions of years without any trace of life. They did tell us off for damaging the planet again though. At least this time they had a solution.

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