Thursday, 2 October 2008

No fatalities.

It was cold and wet, and very annoying. You see, my foot was trapped. I'd have cut it off if I could. When I bought my immortality, I never expected to end up spending years in a cave. The starvation pains went away after a while, or at least I didn't feel them anymore. That was the first few months. The next year the rains came and the cave was flooded. I couldn't smell the air for two months. Drowning was painful, gets on your lungs, makes them feel like stone. But at least I had something to drink, so my throat didn't hurt so much at that point. When the water's receeded it felt quite nice to be able to shout for help again. In fact it was only about a week after that, that the rescue team found me. I'm not going pot-holing again. Well, not for a few decades anyway.

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