Friday, 24 October 2008

More problems

I know I'm not in the right position to have an opinion about this kind of thing, but as far as I can see, giving them their freedom will only cause the same kind of problems we saw with the United States back in 2000 odd. We need to keep the central government unified across all the planets, and any one planet, even Mars, going solo, is going to hurt the overall economy. I've heard all sorts of lies about how we will be able to have better trade agreements, but really all I can see is the great depressions happening again and again. We escaped all that, why go back? I know it's been a long time, but humans haven't evolved a better common sense have they!

Monday, 20 October 2008


You've had that feeling, that desire to do it anyway. The button was stuck in the off position with tape, and had the word "no" written on it. I mean, it was a rental accomodation, so if it all went wrong at least it wasn't my house. But the worry about what could happen, something unknown. I was warned. I was stupid. I flicked the switch. Nothing appeared to happen, so I flicked it back off again. I put the sticky tape back on it and left it alone for a day. Then a week. Then month. Then the electric bill came. I don't think I can afford to be curious again.


Being the last defender of the ark of the covenant is a tireless job. There were more of us a long time ago, but some were killed in direct attack, others accidentally. We've not been seen in a thousand years, not because we're good at hiding, but the magic. If it weren't for the magic, then our choice of hiding place would have been very bad. We chose to hide the ark on a little island on a different continent. The island had no worthwhile natural resources, so we thought that it would be overlooked by everyone, but we were wrong. The last defender to die, died of a car accident, so I have decided to not leave the ark for one moment, not even to eat, in case some new dealer of death decides to take me and in turn reveal the secrets to the Manhattan Island populace.


One good thing about being a super hero is the mask. Even those who know you just can't see beyond it. I saw her again today. She was my first love. Too young I was. She, and her child, on the bus hanging over the cliff. She wasn't the only one, but she is the only one I remember. I saved them, that's what a super hero does. She didn't know who I was, she even smiled at me. She adored me, the super hero. She wouldn't smile if she knew it was me: she's going back to her single parent life, now that I saved it. I have responsibility as a super hero, I can't be a father too. It's too much to ask. I don't love her any more, but sometimes the guilt causes me to pause and think about giving it all up.


I used to think he hated me, but now I see that he feared me. The job is hard; I see that now. If only he hadn't treated me like that, maybe I wouldn't have taken my anger out on him. Interruptions, that's how I did it. I kept at him, badgered him, made him irritable, made him mad. In the end, I think he might have been pleased to be away from it all. His position was hopeless. He wasn't paranoid, I really was making sure everyone was out to get him. To stall him. To make him late.

He's gone, but he's left his mark. I now fear that I am become him. They're not my slaves, they don't have to work for me, just like I didn't have to work for him. Do they fear me? Will they destroy me the same way I caused despair in him? Do I fear them? I never felt so alone. Did he ever feel alone?It's so quiet now. When he was alone, in the quiet, did he get as nervous as I am now?

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I've been watching him. He seems okay; does his gardening like he used to, but I caught him sitting there watching tv the other day and saw a tear form in one eye. I don't think he saw me, otherwise I guess he'd have made up some excuse, but I think he's finally realising that she's gone.
It's imperceptable, minute, and fractional differences, but they're the clues that he's been made incomplete by her death. He tries to act stubborn as usual, but there's give. I think he's dying.


They said I should share, I had to share, but I proved them wrong. I've got all of them now. Now they are no more. Now I defeated them. Now I have their rotting corpses watch me as I dance over them!

I shall share with no-one!

Does that count as sharing? Am I now just sharing with everyone left? Oh no!


I used to get nervous, wondering if they would suddenly bolt, but as the years passed I got to know which ones needed restraining. I dressed them and tended them each and every one. The little darlings had no idea, and that's how it had to be. You see, like veal, children's meat doesn't taste nearly as good to my master if it's been panicked. Sometimes, one panics so much that I have to stew it instead. Which is unfortunate, because they go ever so peacefully with the powders. I think the hot water of the stew hurts them. They only get louder. I did think they were singing at first, but a kitchen hand told me otherwise. I think I'd rather not have known. It does distress me somewhat.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

What doesn't kill you

I like to think of myself as a kind of doctor. I'm a preventative medicine technician. I'm a technician because I employ technical methods to ensure prevention of illness. My latest work has been quite taxing. I've always followed the news, and the recent outbreak in Africa scared me a little, I wanted to do something about it. I've been to most parts of Africa and the deadline is getting near. The trick to preventative medicine, in my opinion, is to make sure you have full coverage of your problem source. A surviving, mutating virus is much more deadly than one that's just bumbling along. I set the timer for august the 8th, making sure I had enough time to cover all of the water sources. Now the last one is almost set up and tomorrow the timers will all click over. I also think of it as being good for the planet. I made sure the poisons didn't affect anything other than humans, so my animal rights brothers won't be dissappointed. I don't think anyone else has ever been a eco-friendly economic and medical hero.

Sun burn

They say that if you were to use the old sun-protection-factor ratings, you'd have to print it on bigger bottles, but to be honest, I don't see the point of it. We're not designed to be out in the sun. Some people think we're still human, but I've seen the pictures of what we looked like before, and that's not what we are now. Historians beleive that we thought that we would only have to stay underground for a thousand years, but the old humans must have known how bad it was going to get, it was obvious. I will admit there is a reason to be above ground, flying is very useful for trade. Why the old earth men thought it was enjoyable to just fly is beyond me though. It's no different than walking along one of the unfinished tunnels. The endless brown earth is simply boring.


The lights went out and I heard a scream. It was loud and close by. I strained to see in the dark; I couldn't make out more than a murky silhouette. Then I heard giggling. I guess tonight is going to be good.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

No fatalities.

It was cold and wet, and very annoying. You see, my foot was trapped. I'd have cut it off if I could. When I bought my immortality, I never expected to end up spending years in a cave. The starvation pains went away after a while, or at least I didn't feel them anymore. That was the first few months. The next year the rains came and the cave was flooded. I couldn't smell the air for two months. Drowning was painful, gets on your lungs, makes them feel like stone. But at least I had something to drink, so my throat didn't hurt so much at that point. When the water's receeded it felt quite nice to be able to shout for help again. In fact it was only about a week after that, that the rescue team found me. I'm not going pot-holing again. Well, not for a few decades anyway.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Ever met one?

I just need something, one small thing, something to build upon. There's nothing though. Some people feel trapped inside their bodies, others trapped in their situation, but that's just it, I'm not. I'm trapped outside the traps. I want to have something to say something about, but I can't because my life, me, myself, all those around me, we're all so damned normal, happy, complete, content. I can't even get angry at that. I think I'll start a band.

Long gone.

I went back to my old house, had a look. I cought sight of the wooden seat that used to be part of my swing as a child, the same one my kids used. Without thinking, I just walked over and took it, left, didn't look back. If there was anyone about, they might have thought I was stealing, but I wasn't, it was mine. I couldn't look back, there was no other memories I wanted. I think the fire took everything else.